The Friendship of Souls 

I had a conversation yesterday with a beautiful soul. It was one of those happenstance moments where you and a perfect stranger somehow find a deeper connection than you typically would.

I love these moments.

I love the conversations where I get to see a glimpse into another person’s world, the ones where I am reminded that pure, beautiful goodness exists in the hearts of men.

Though the world screams otherwise, and the media yells at us to hate each other, there was no hate from this stranger yesterday. No, instead he shared with me his love for music and the desire he has to do good in the world, to make a difference for the people around him.

Yes, it was just a beautiful soul making a connection with my heart.

I walked away from the conversation uplifted and edified, and I felt, for a moment, that my existence mattered in this world to more than the few people who get to deal with me on a day to day basis.

It was a moment where I got to see the ripple of not only my impact on him but the impact other’s have on me.

Our ripple goes so far beyond us; we never know how many people it touches, how many are shifted and altered because of a chance meeting or one moment of kindness.

We don’t know who we’ve touched in our life, and how that has impacted theirs.

It was just a conversation, but I felt loved and valued. And I believe he did, too.

Yesterday was a beautiful reminder to keep doing what I love, to keep being the best version of myself, to stand for the people I meet to recognize the beautiful souls they are.

So to you I want to remind you that you are a beautiful, extraordinary human being.

Your ripple has far more of an impact than you know.

Your very existence has shaped the world in ways you can only imagine.

I hope you remember that.

I hope you take today to see the wonderful human being you are.

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