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The Dark of Letum 

Kyra’s world is lost to the shadows, humanity destroyed by the Master of Darkness. Now, he has her mind, her body, and her soul in his grip.

If darkness held your soul, who would you become to save it?

“Dark and thought provoking.”

“Deeply moving.”


The first in the Countess of Lumen series, a fantasy trilogy.  

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 The Rise of Spero

Death wants her. Men fear her. And humanity is determined to destroy her. 

Kyra has found refuge in the only remaining human stronghold, but her soul has been claimed by death, and the people know it. 

She is feared, hated, and rejected. But the fate of humanity lies squarely on her shoulders, and if she dies, civilization dies with her. 

Second in The Countess of Lumen trilogy

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Where Shadows Dwell 

A father’s betrayal; a lover’s revenge. 

One woman, determined to save them both. 

After her mother’s apparent suicide, Lily is left alone with her abusive boyfriend as her only comfort. 

Terrified of walking through the world alone, she goes on a desperate search for the father who left her when she was a child. Instead, she discovers a secret that may cost her her life. 


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A Dance of Crystal and Flame

With the world in chaos, one woman may be all that stands between total destruction or a future filled with hope. 

Aria is a survivor. She’s survived the plague of evil that turned humanity into monsters. But her time has run out. 
In a desperate attempt to save her own life, she casts her lot with a man who is not what he seems.

A fantasy standalone novella – available on Amazon or as a FREE ebook with newsletter signup.

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