About Julianne Kelsch 

I refuse to believe that words are not magic. 

I have been a lover of books and stories since I was a tiny little girl. I learned to read when I was four and never looked back. 

When I was eleven I tried to write my very first story. It was a Narnia fan fiction featuring myself and all of my friends as the main characters. I thought it was terrible and I gave up writing completely, even though I had dreams of being an author. 

I was married with two children when I picked up the pen again. I wrote my first book in five months and knew I’d found the voice of my soul. Since the moment I put pen to paper, I have been a writer. Words are inherently magic. There is something spectacular about weaving stories and having the characters come to life! It fills my soul with a very special joy. 

The books I write are books that I want to read. I love the stories. And I learn about myself as I write them. In my opinion, books have the power to change the world, even if it’s only the world of one person. Books have changed my life that way. How wonderful that I get to experience the gift of writing them and, hopefully, give others the gift of knowing they are not alone, and they are understood. 

My Books