Tracie –

“Through coaching and observation, Julie can see clearly who you are and what you’re up to. There are times I’ve lost direction or lost sight of what I’m up to in life and who I’m creating myself to be, and she calls and says ‘You know who you are? You’re that person who loves everyone.’ I get so present to who I am and how I show up for people, and then I am open to see what I’ve been doing and where I’ve gotten off course and fallen into old patterns. Change is building a muscle and takes practice, it takes being held to account for breaking the default of falling back into old patterns and ways.
Julie’s great at keeping possibility alive over time. Because she sees who you are and what you’re up to, she cuts straight through the story – there’s not even space for it to show up. Calls are meaningful, on purpose, and forward the conversation. She allows you to discover, and then tells you what she sees. Calls with her are valuable. You can count on her to be honest and real and to keep her word.”

Aaron –

“I was very fortunate to have Julie as a team member in a training and development program that we participated in together. During our program Julie and I got to support each other often as friends, teammates and coaches. At one point I was struggling with why I was unable to produce the results I was committed to in a particular area. Julie listened to me so well and she knew right away that the root of my issue was a failure to complete something from my past. She was able to take me back vividly to a memory of being a child on the playground at school and being scolded by a teacher. This event was very significant in the development of my identity and it was actually shaping my performance in the area I was struggling with. Julie was brilliant not only in connecting the behavior to the source, but she then proceeded to coach me through an exercise that allowed me to become complete with that experience. The transformation was powerful. If you’ve seen the movie Good Will Hunting, it was almost like the moment when the main character gets that it’s not his fault he was abused as a child. My experience was not abusive but it shaped my identity and my being nonetheless. By doing the work that Julie guided me through I altered who I am and I now have access to new realms of being and performance I never previously had. Julie is an amazing coach and she will make a difference in the lives of anyone who will be willing to accept her coaching and take the steps she recommends. I’m truly glad I did. “