Sneak Peek! The Dark of Letum

I’m currently working on a fantasy series that I’m absolutely in love with. The series takes place in the realm of Spero, and is a journey of what it takes to discover the power of the mind. In essence, Spero has been overrun by Malic’Uiel who are conquerors from a different realm. The Malic’Uiel understand that all power lies within the mind – and the loss of all power is born out of fear. They use fear against humanity, ripping apart memories and beliefs until humans choose to join forces with the Malic’Uiel – in fact, they they do it gladly. In this scene, Kyra, the main character in The Dark of Letum, has been a prisoner of the Malic’Uiel for a long time. She’s borne the brunt of their mind games and is at the point of weakness where she’s ready to join them. Kyra’s journey is one that’s near and dear to my heart for the simple fact that I believe most humans go through something similar. No, we don’t have demons from another realm coming to pollute our minds, but we are faced with darkness, we’re challenged through fear and pain, and every day we choose who we are going to be. In fact, we choose who we are going to be every moment.

There are those of us that suffer with emotional and mental illness, specifically depression. For me, I went through severe postpartum depression and honestly felt the way Kyra feels in this story. I felt like I’d lost my mind, my soul if you will, to darkness, and in the midst of all that pain I somehow had to find it again. This story is the journey of discovering one’s power, of finding the strength and courage to choose a different path even when your world is screaming at you that there’s no hope, that you’ll never experience light, joy, or life again. It’s saying “hey, it doesn’t matter how low or how far you go. I promise there’s a way to come back. I promise there’s a spark of life left. Hold onto it because it will lead you home.’

I hope you enjoy this excerpt


The Year of Spero 1034

Kyra’s Imprisonment

Don’t forget me. The voice was a soft whisper, seeping through the broken pieces of Kyra’s mind. Don’t forget me, it repeated.
“I’m so… cold,” Kyra whimpered.
Don’t forget me. The voice faded, becoming no more than a sighing in the wind.
“I won’t forget you.”
Kyra lay on the floor of her prison, nearly lifeless. Her body was too weak to shiver but she was so cold, as if she’d been encased in ice.
“I won’t forget you.” The words did not have the strength of even a whisper, but for a moment her heart seemed to beat steady. Then it staggered, skipping a beat before starting again.
“I won’t forget you, Caden. I love you.” She closed her eyes, letting a sudden peace wash over her. Death was inevitable. She didn’t fear it any longer. She welcomed it.
It was then that the door to her cell slid open; light flooded the interior. She opened her eyes, staring at the gaping hole, blinking against the light that was too bright, so wrong. Somewhere inside she knew that she should be responding to that hole, that her body should be running. But she didn’t know why.
Moments after the door opened, a creature stepped through the gap, blocking the light. She knew this creature. This was the Malic’Uiel. Her eyes roved over his body, stopping at the black shroud covering his face. Somewhere inside she registered that she should feel fear; she didn’t. Somewhere inside it registered that she should hate him; she couldn’t.
She felt nothing.
The man threw a black cloth on top of her. “Get up. Put this on.”
She just lay there. Her mind skipped back to a moment before. I love you whispered through what felt like hollow space. Love. Again, her heart responded. What was love?
She glanced back at the Malic’Uiel. Her lips were parched, but she tried to form words. “What… is… love?” she asked the man.
She nodded slightly. “Why don’t… you kill me… and end.. my…suffering?” The words struggled to take shape. It took too much strength to say even that.
“We do not dispose of those we can use.”
“Just kill me.” Her lips formed the words but no sound came out.
The Malic’Uiel did not respond. He just left, leaving her lying in a cold cell, covered in a black shroud, with light that she could not feel beating down on her frigid body.

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