Where Shadows Dwell

A father's betrayal. A lover's revenge. One woman, determined to save them both. 

Join Lily Frost as she leaves behind everything she loves to find the father she never knew. Her journey leads her to a man obsessed with revenge and a family ripped apart by a father's betrayal. And it leads her to discover her strength, her courage, and the power that it is to love someone unconditionally. 

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A Dance of Crystal and Flame

The world is on the brink of destruction. Humanity has lost hope. All have stopped fighting. Except one. 

Aria, the last of humanity's warriors, finds herself trapped in a city taken by the monsters that have destroyed her land. When all seems lost, one man appears out of the shadows, beckoning her to follow him. With certain death looming behind she jumps at the opportunity for life. Her relief is short-lived when she finds herself trapped in the grip of a Phantom, a man that's neither ghost nor human, a creature that lives to destroy. 

But this Phantom is not all that he seems to be. Can Aria trust him? Can he help her save the world?